Features request: "Create new layer from selection" | "Export selected audio"

As I’m starting to use layers more and more in my workflow, I’m finding it would be extremely handy to be able to mark out a selection, right-click and have a “create new layer from selection” feature.

Also it would be nice to be able to export only the current selection (instead of the whole project)

Sorry in advance if these features exist and I couldn’t find them!


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Hey Diode313,

this feature request I’d like to support and push it up.
As mentioned in several YouTube Videos (not in the Steinberg channel) there are usecases described to export single samples extracted out of an existing song.
In my case I try to export single samples from one of my old song made 20 years ago to try out a modern remix. I lost my original samples over the years, didn’t stem them particulary and use the trial version now to find out if SpectraLayers 7 PRO ist the right solution to get the things done.

If possible, please reply a workflow which could help anyhow (Steinberg support).

Thx in advance and stay healthy,

+1 … I forgot

… is that already part of the version 7 PRO?

In SL 7 Pro you can select the audio you want to export.
Then you choose copy or paste to new layer.
Then you export that new (active) layer. No other layers must be active.
The selected audio will appear at the same place timewisely as in the original audio. So there will be ‘empty time’ before and after the exported audio appears. You can always trim this in your DAW.

Yes, but I wanted to extract the noise from an older Recording to rearrange it , and That was not possible . So „Copy recognized Noise to new Layer“ would be great.

I wonder if drag and drop functionality exists between ARA2 and DAW? If so, it could be cool to be able to drag a selection into Cubase as an audio event.

Sort of a separate feature request, but also another way of “exporting”.