Features request for drum map in cubase e nuendo

I find that the cubase drum map is really useful, essential for my workflow, but at the same time there are several shortcomings, which if solved could bring great improvements and certainly speed up the work.

I want to clarify that some of these shortcomings may not actually be such, in this case I apologize and ask you how I could solve them. Also if you have any other suggestions and have spotted other problems that I haven’t thought of please write them down, the list may be updated.

  1. Set multiple midi outputs for each instrument
    Are the many who create kick and snare sounds using multiple layers and each layer can be created by a different synthetizer or sampler, but I couldn’t find a way to make all the layers play with a single key in the drum map.

    As you can see the three layers of the kick and snare cannot coincide with a single key, this is inconvenient, especially if I have to play them with drum pads or a keyboard, I have to press three different keys to make the kick sound and three more for the snare.
    This problem could be solved by being able to select multiple outputs per instrument

  2. Set the I-Note by pressing keys on the keyboard
    Another thing I found inconvenient is the selection of the Input-Note, to each instrument you have to indicate which note on the midi keyboard corresponds to make it play, it would be convenient that once the instrument is selected, by simply pressing the key on the midi keyboard, the I-Note should set itself automatically. without writing down the note manually for each instruments.

  3. Automatically set the I-Notes starting from a selected note
    Rather than selecting each instrument and writing the I-Note on it, there might be an option to automatically set all the I-Notes starting from an established note.

  4. Allow changes to multiple instrument with multiple selection
    For example, changing the midi channel of several selected instruments at the same time. changing it channel by channel is frustrating, especially if I also have to change all the other parameters like I-note and O-note.

  5. Add the Solo button
    There is only the mute button

  6. Undo and Redo don’t work in Instruments settings
    If by mistake to set some Input or Output notes, midi channels, instrument names, etc., I can’t go back, I have to remodify everything manually.

  7. Add multiple midi Instruments tracks in the drum map by pressing an UI button or right-click mouse
    and it would be helpful to select the parameters like name, Output, O-note, I-note and midi channel while inserting the instruments.
    I know that with the “Pitch visibility on/off” button in the Toolbar it is possible to see the remaining tracks, up to 128, which would be all the notes with their pitch, but working with several different instruments on a custom drum map I can’t find it useful. It would be more appropriate to decide how many Instruments to add and how to set them up.