Feedback from automation panel for Midi controller

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I was wondering if it is possible to map the state of a function from the automation panel to an LED of the midi controller. I already have some automation functions mapped to the buttons of my midi controller (Behringer x-touch mini) like Touch, Auto-Latch or Fill Loop. For a better workflow it would be nice to have the feedback direct on the controller so I don’t have to open the big automation panel while mixing.

By the way, I already tried mapping the solo/mute state of a channel to an LED and it worked fine in the generic remote controller.

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greets christian

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These functions don’t send the state to MIDI, sorry.

@Christian_Hell yes it’s a rather important omission. I tried building a Lemur template a few years ago. But without status feedback it’s pretty annoying as things can’t have status indicated and that is exactly what you would want a controller to help with.

I think we just need OSC support in Nuendo or SKI remote to be opened for everyone by devs. I always wanted my faders in Lemur have the exact same db values as Nuendo’s.


a possible hack might work with Midi-Ox . Perhaps also a virtual midi cable like LoopMidi is required.

You monitor the value of the particular CC. If a certain threshold is reached, a different midi CC (or note) is set to “1” or to “0” if the value is lower than the threshold. The additional Midi CC (or note) is send to the MIDI-Address of the LED (midi port + channel + note or CC).

But this may also require to LoopMidi to generate a sum-signal for the midi data sent back to the midi controller. This is the usual midi data sent back to the controller plus the newly generated On/Off for the midi value.

LG, Juergi

Since Cubase/Nuendo doesn’t send anything at all when doing changes in the automation panel there is absolutely nothing Midi-Ox/loopMidi can do about the situation.

Steinberg has announced some major changes to the remote control functionality (in some undefined future release), let’s hope that things like this is part of that.

Hi, I already tried to monitor all midi outputs from nuendo. Unfortunately there were no signals from the automation panel.

So I guess I have to improve my automation workflow in audiopost. My main problem is that when I mix dialogs on two A/B tracks, for example, I very often use the “Fill Loop” function when EQing the individual parts, which can also be locked in nuendo. And sometimes when I switch to touch automation with faders, I forget that the “Fill Loop” function is locked (especially when the big automation panel is not open) and so I mess up the whole automation, which I often notice too late and that is very annoying. This is the reason why I long for a visual feedback of these functions :wink:

So hopefully Steinberg will improve the remote control soon.

Thanks a lot for your answers!