Feedback needed !


Im working on a new tune here and “desperately” need some feedback on the mix. The mix in general, but mainly the lead vocals - if it needs more compressor / EQ processing. What im using is this chain (on a group track) ; Waves CLA 76 Bluey > Waves API 560 > + effects like delay and reverb

Should i add even 1 more compressor in the chain ? I tried but in my ears the vocals ended up sounding “dull” dead and lifeless. Maybe i didnt work hard enough and gave up to fast, i dunno.

Anyways, …feedback is really much appreciated ! Thanks in advance !

Best, K

Heres the tune btw :slight_smile: :

That’s a good song !!regarding the vocal…it is what it is, you could do it a thousand different ways and each listener would have a different opinion on it…all I would say is the vocal seems a bit low in the mix, good stuff there…

Thanks Shadowfax ! I really love to hear that about “thousands different ways”. That is also what i try to tell some of my collabs, but they dont listen :slight_smile: And they also say the vox is too high in the mix … totally opposite from what you say here :slight_smile:

So … we dont agree fully as you may understand. And thats a bit frustrating … because suddenly im not sure if im on the right track.

thats the great thing about music…nobody really knows !! if you want success in music ( and don’t we all ) then the best people to ask are the people who don’t know anything about music, they just know what they like to hear, your song sounds good and it would sound good wether you eq’d it this way or that way or mixed it this way or that way…a good song is a good song…if JLS sang it a million 14 year old girls would love it…if a thrash bang wallop band sang it then the appropriate audience would love it…both examples would be produced and mixed in their own way to suite the audience …still a good song…just different window dressing, I find writing songs quite frustrating, I’m attempting to write commercial type songs but my natural inclination is towards heavy stuff…and there is always a thousand ways to write…produce …arrange…etc…etc…I would say don’t worry too much about it…everybody will have a different opinion…but who’s to know who’s right…best of luck to you and keep on keepin on, Kevin

Thank you so much Kevin !

Great song and mix!!

I agree with shadowfax (on both his posts), I’d try pushing the vocals up 2/2.5db
…perhaps leave both versions up to compare?..


Thanks for listening Sav ! 2-2,5 dB up. Will do ! Thanks ! :slight_smile:

…or with my thinking face on main vox up 1.5dB, bass guitar down 1/1.5dB ??
Fine adjustmets now, if ya scratching your head thinking…i can’t hear it!?, i cant HEAR IT!?!, walk away! :laughing:
Go back to it tomorrow :wink:


Yes :slight_smile:

No way ! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good idea ! :slight_smile:

Hi, great job, really dig it. I agree with others that the vocals could be boosted a little bit in some areas. And perhaps a tad more vocal effects in some places also. Excellent job panning the tracks without it being overdone.

I’m listening on 6/5 so I don’t know if you’ve already boosted the vocal as per the comversation of what. To me they sound perfect level up to 3:15 into the song. From there I would ride them up a bit in some spots on the outro to milk the emotion and vibe. Great song, production I really like it.

Excellent mix and great song, awesome work!
mp3 download pretty please :smiley:

edit: just listened 3 times in a row. I agree with Mr M. The background vocals singing ‘man enough to cry’ from 3:06 on are a bit drowned.
I wish I made this song, I’d be silly proud :stuck_out_tongue:

Overwhelmed … thank you so much really … really really !!

About the backing vox from 3.06 … this is here the guitar solo comes in. There has been some discussions going on if the backing vox are crashing with the solo (bad english … ? … anyways … :slight_smile:) I dont think so … the backing vox i mean (not the english … hehe …) … the “original” backing vox mix was a bit more upfront. So i may put it back a few dB.

I must be better at trusting my own ears … sometimes

The tune will be out on iTunes Amazon etc pretty soon. But i may give away some free downloads of course (when the tune is finished, pro mastered and stuff). No problem :slight_smile: Flac format is that cool ? or 320 bits mp3 ? Pm me with email addresses :slight_smile: