Feedback on new Song needed

This is something I’ve done specifically for a listing for workout music. Its a little “old school” but I’d like opinions on the mix and anything else. No musical loops are used at all.

Just adding a comment that doesn’t seem to be as obvious as I’d thought. I don’t see this forum as a mutual appreciation society ; in no way should folks have to like every song ,even if the author has said positive things about your songs I know I dont care at all.

In this case of you don’t see the intent listed for this song or you just don’t like old school dance ,probably shouldn’t listen . Otherwise critiques are really welcomed.

I liked this a lot - didn’t notice any outstanding mix issues. The bass and kick drum really put a driving force throughout the whole piece. The only grip I have is that there seemed to lack some chord progression. Around 2:00 it went to an A - but for most the rest of the piece it held that Em. Maybe that is the point but it did get a tiring after awhile. Other than that this is a very enjoyable upbeat tune.

I can certainly see what you’re saying .i would have gone for more variety but fear getting too musical for the intended purpose I do a lot of exercising to DVDs and the XBOX and the songs are really simple . However thers a fine line between simple and tiring or boring ,even in an exercise context. Thanks for listening

Didn’t make it through 1 minute, this really sucks.


The mix is really nice and clean! The song accomplishes what I think you intended – I can easily envision the ladies groups at my gym doing their Pilates or whatever you call it to this :sunglasses:

Haha, I love comments like that. Those people are so amusing in their 12 year old mindset. :smiley:

Anyway, commenting as a standalone piece would be a different perspective to something for those certain kinds of specific exercise routines. So commenting as the latter then I think it’ll do the job just fine. Nothing really stood out as sounding odd or bad.

Some parts reminded me more of some old school videogame musics like ‘Streets of Rage’ or something, which is cool. I also feel it can be necessary to state that no pre-recorded loops were used.

Although Immortal was a bit brusque, if that’s his real opinion then I wouldn’t say it necessarily constitutes having a “12-year-old mindset.” I mean, I didn’t listen too much longer than he did :laughing:

I’m not a huge fan of this type of music because it seems so canned. Most synthesizers come with prepackaged songs that sound a lot like this. I’m more a fan of some of the other work you have displayed. I use to take spinning classes that played a lot of music like this… It drove me nuts and I finally had to stop going because of it. But that’s just me.

Saying a persons song sucks is pretty much a child’s response to me. Not liking it and articulating why ,is what an adult would do. “Sucks” means nothing more than the writer is unable to express themselves or just has nothing to say…

This is just an instrumental track written for a specific purpose ,an exercise video soundtrack underscore; I don’t think its unreasonable to expect intelligent people to evaluate it in its stated context. I fully realize that lots of folks won’t like old school house or dont like dance music at all and this is not a “sit and listen to” song. I work out every other day and like repetitive music that propels what I,m doing. This would be under a voice over giving workout instructions

I took a look at immortals other posts and this seems typical of a person suffering “weak man in life, tough guy online” syndrome. I feel sorry for people who post like this; the same rude meanness over and over. Its as if they hope to be perceived as fearless and incisive. Qualities that they’ve likely never been known for in their real worlds offline

I reckon you’ve achieved what you intended, would’ve preferred more variation in the drums myself but that would probably be wrong for the genre, very pro sounding and radio friendly instrumental…really commercial !!!

It’s sad (for them) that some people don’t seem to realize that this forum is about sensible comments on other peoples music, you don’t have to actually like other peoples music to respect what they are doing and try to help with a comment that may (or may not) help them…


Hi Mr.M,

Sorry I’m in iPad and its night so didn’t listen your track yet. But I’m commenting bcos of ‘immortal’s’ comment which is immortal in this post. Very funny that why people comment just their dislike and not help. I’m sad for you.

I’ll listen to your track tomorrow and leave my comment.

I appreciate for making me smile with your research on ‘immortal’s’ posts.


Hi Mr.M,

I listened to your track. Its a really good piece of music and composing for its purpose. Regarding mix, its sounds fine, maybe you can reduce little on Bass guitar/low frequency a bit. For a voice over thats far better mix.

At 3:35 you gave a small roll which seemed to be out of sync/tempo a bit. I like the variation you gave at 1:36. But before that from 1:22 or so, was having some clash with that chords.

The vocals fx seems to be more of a sexual appeal to me.

Overall, its a great music. Old school style. I also like to hear those bass guitar rhythms.

Keep it going mate.


Thanks for listening Anil The track is already submitted but Ill go back and listen with our points in mind