Feedback problem using IRig mic pre

I seem to have a feedback loop problem when using the IRig Mic Pre. When volumes go up it becomes worse.
It’s almost as though the ipad mic is on and creates a feedback loop. Especially bad when using splitter for two
Headphones on the IRig.

Anyone else had this problem?


I have the same prob when using the irig.
It also records all of the midi tracks when recording audio. Even with headphones.

Any interface that uses the headphone jack will have this problem, in any app unfortunately.
It’s a hardware limitation - Having the mic input and audio output in the same port. There’s audio bleed. That’s what causes the feedback (like holding a mic in front of a speaker) and the unwanted re-recording of outputted audio.

The only solution is to buy an interface that uses the lightning/30 pin port.

The irig works perfectly with GarageBand.
I am finding that I get audio bleed from the midi tracks even when just using headphones. No irig.