Feedback when turning off Direct Monitoring

HW: UR44
SW: Cubase Elements 10.5

I’m trying to record guitar using the “Guitar (Audio)” track in the Rock Production preset. When I have the “monitor” icon on, I can hear the guitar through my headphones with no effects. The default is “Direct Monitoring” in the studio setup. When I record, it records with the effects.

When I turn off monitoring, the guitar does not record.

When I turn off “Direct Monitoring”, the guitar does not record either way.

When I turn off “Direct Monitoring” while the monitor icon is on, I get intense feedback.

I get this feedback no matter what the master volume is set on the effect. Of if the volume is turned down all the way on the guitar. It seems to be wholly internal to Cubase 10.5.

The input for the guitar channel is mono 1 from the Steinberg. Output is stereo 1. If I try any other output, there is no recording.

Any hints, tips would be appreciated. Links to previous threads I could not find with my search, would also be appreciate. Thank you.

I’m having the same problem but this only happened when I switched to a Steinberg UR816C. I’m using Cubase10 pro.
I was thinking it’s the hardware and can’t get an answer from Steinberg support.
If anyone has this problem and figured out a solution any info will help.

Hi Just want to say I have the a problem of feed back whne turning the Direct monitor on Input 1 or 2,on my new UR44C even if the volume is to zero andI am usinghearphone.
I am suspercting a cross reference wiht a FX or kind of but unable to find it. May somone has solutions?

Hi I have found and fix the problem by turning the function loopback on the dspMixFx UR-C that was intall when I dowloaded the package that was coming wihtthe device.