Feedback: Yamaha's AN2015

Steinberg should contact Yamaha in order to integrate the An2015 synth within Cubasis. That would be fantastic!!! The An2015 synth doesn’t support state saving as far as I know and midi isn’t sent via inter app audio either.

A better integration of Cubasis with Yamaha’s MX and MoXF would be nice as well(I intend to use Cubasis as a midi sequencer for the Yamaha MX)

Hi Melodyshine,

We’re glad to hear that you like Yamaha’s AN2015.
So far it is not planned to integrate the app in Cubasis.

Please get back to Yamaha with your requests regarding MX and MoXF support.


I second Melodyshine’s request regarding the AN2015.
Cheers, Beat

Came across this request and in the interest of speeding such communication along … What specifically would you like to be able to do with the AN2015 in Cubasis that currently is not available?

Compatible with Inter-App Audio and Audiobus - make sure you update to AN2015 version 1.5.1

Let us know, I’ll see what I can find out.

Bad Mister
Pro Music Division
Yamaha Corporation of America

Hi Bad,

Thanks for participation in the discussion, appreciated!


At the moment using the An2015 within Cubasis is not convenient. It supports neither Audiobus state saving (as far as I know) nor midi via inter app audio (the workaround is choosing virtual midi within Cubasis). Moreover you always have to tap on “An2015” after the Synthbook app has been started. It would be nice to have automation, too. All these issues wouldn’t be there or not relevant when it was an internal synth like the micrologue.

I don’t know about it being made a part of Cubasis (“internal synth like the micrologue”). The AN2015 is a free synth that is built-into the 40th Anniversary SynthBook App. And worth every penny, by the way! :slight_smile:

It supports Inter-App audio _ storing that status (I guess that is what you mean by “Audio bus state saving”). No, as far as I know that is not happening. And whether that is a possibility, is I guess what is at question.

I’m still researching but I doubt anything sends “midi via inter app audio” - as MIDI is a separate protocol from audio busing. Completely separate. But it would be more convenient if MIDI communication was fully supported between apps. Agreed!

I think the workflow for using the AN2015 is to select it as an Instrument - record with MIDI, if you prefer - edit your performance to get it like you want it - then render it as an audio track.

I’m not completely sure if there are plans to integrate it further, but I understand what you are saying. You want it to work more like Cubase does on a proper computer or laptop. I get it! I’ll let you know what I find out.