Hello, so I have some ideas that I think can be implemented into Dorico and it will be beneficial.
I really think it would be amazing to have project and instrument alternatives similar to logic so a composer can have different versions of the same project and different parts for the same project.
I really think that Dorico should also have a feature when you can get arrows pointed in the proper direction when a staff changes condensing for the next page. For example one page can have 6 horns in total and they are labeled 1,2,3 & 4,5,6. (Two Staves) But the next page they expand to 1,2 & 3,4 & 5,6. (3 staves). So two arrows pointing in opposite directions could really help show this. This is pretty common for modern scores. Also this could apply when condensing retracts.

Thanks for your feedback, Mitchell. Dorico already handles divide arrows for choral music, where they’re commonly used, but I’ve not seen them used in instrumental or orchestral scores – do you know of any publishers or composers who tend to follow this convention?

I have seen examples in the scores where its score to picture, like a live orchestral plays with the picture in a concert. Those scores are super hard to attain but my professors have some. That it why I thought it was more common