Feels Like I'm Falling

This is another project that came from working with my friend Sav Roubinas.
He sent me a rough mix of some music to which I added melody and lyrics.

This is a _Diverzied_© version of that initial experiment, which has been
many months in the making. I’ve started from scratch four times. Each one
has been very different.

This was all tracked through my Warm Audio EQP-WA. It was sent to tape and
mastered through the EQP-WA as well. I think I’ve stretched my analogue system
to its limits with this one, but I’m very happy with the results.


Thanks for posting this, and as usual, there’s a lot to learn from it. My first impression was that you pushed the distortion a little too far, but now that I’ve listened a number of times, I’m not sure I want to stand behind that. On the speakers I was thinking the kick was a little weak, but on the headphones it was ok. Seemed to be quite mono in some parts on the speakers, but again, headphones revealed what you were doing. Right after the chorus, going into the solo, there’s a lot of stuff coming at me at once, all guitar-ish, which left me thinking, bring in your cool Rhodes instead of at least one of those parts. But really, what the f do I know; I’m just having fun having a deep listen to the good stuff! So I think I can say that this is an unqualified success! Excellent.

Hi Jet,

I like it! I love all the different guitar parts and the stereo placement.

Great song! :slight_smile:

Nice picture BTW, are those your feet? :wink:


Yeah, liked everything about this 'cept your voice seemed to disappear a little in the second verse,

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Leon, thanks for the detailed feedback.

No doubt my mixes do contain lots of things to
learn—especially about what to avoid! :laughing:

I appreciate you being so critical of the recording
and I’m happy if your initial doubtful or dubious impressions were later

Of course I’m not the only one around town who puts a lot
of time and thought into arrangements and mixes, but this
one certainly filled all the available squares on my calendar
over several months! :laughing:

As to the flood of parts after chorus #2, I was aiming to do
just that—fill the listener’s ears (hopefully pleasantly!).

Glad you liked the project!


Hi Wim!

Thanks for taking the tune for a spin!
Glad you liked it, and am grateful that
Sav gave me the opportunity to write.

Yes, dem foots are mine, in my comfy studio
socks too. Mmmm. Too much vino
obviously (also in the pic). :unamused:


Hi Kevin,

thanks for listening, appreciated.

I wanted to embed that Verse #2 vocal rather
than edge it up. I tried other levels but
preferred this one. :wink:


Hi Jet.

First listen to a track since coming back and, given that Box was one of my two fave albums by forum members ever (along with Goodacre’s Diaries), entirely appropriate that it’s one of yours.

You clearly haven’t lost your touch. I’ve always said that you were one of those that others here should pay very close attention to if they want to get really good at this whole songwriting/production lark.

No real nits to offer. As you know, I’ve been one of the strongest advocates of every part being subservient to the piece (you’ll probably remember me getting into all sorts of heated discussions about peeps here elevating the vocal 3-5 dB above the rest of the mix), so I agree that the vocal placement is spot on.

All in all, a Pearldivers treat for my first listen back.

I should note that I spend very little time on the net these days, and it’s done me good, so I don’t really have any intention to engage in the forum the way I used to, though I will still drop in from time to time.

Anyhoo, fabulous to hear you, and simultaneously a pleasure and a shame to note that you’re still one of the unsung songsmiths of the world. People like you are the reason I loathe the Justin Biebers and the Simon Cowells of the business that is music.

Hope you and Taylor are well.

The artist formerly known as hackenslash.

Great track, Jet, as always!

I can understand the comments about possibly too much distortion or maybe too many guitars. Personally, I would have loved to hear denser vocal harmonies during the choral sections (save for the first).

But, regardless of creative choices that others would have made differently, the track as it’s presented is very solid. On a personal note, I’m over the moon that you are producing again on a regular basis (or as regular as any of the “regulars” [pun intended] do). Welcome back, my friend! Every time you post, I wonder when you’re coming back to NYC.


very nice to hear from you. I hope you are well and still making music.

Thanks for the comments, way too generous as they are. I enjoy my pottering
about with tunes and mixing, stumbling through it all but having great
fun along the way. It helps to have had (and to have, still) a muse who
never lets me down.

Taylor is well, turned 30 yesterday. He left dad behind in his musical dust
a long time ago.

Stay well and hope to hear from you, even if only from time to time!

Thanks for the listen Larry.

There are actually three-part harmonies over the last choruses,
but given the already dense nature of the music, I simply wanted
them to poke through a bit. I used to double track harmonies, but
these (lazier) days I no longer bother.

But as for guitars, well…you can never have too many! :laughing: :smiling_imp:

I am thinking of visiting New York again summer 2017 as part of
“Jet’s Retirement Grand Tour”. :laughing: If I do, I would certainly
like to catch up again. :wink:

I’ll have to listen again.

LOL @ never too many guitars. I heard your slide in there, by the way, unless I am sadly mistaken.

And YAY! @ you coming back to NYC!!!

yeh magical ,you have a realy good style and the use of your stringed instruments you realy give them a unique sound and the vibrato/tremelo effect you use it to great effect and make it your own .along with your voice and i must say very good voice ,nice wall of sound near the end

Hi p,

thanks for your kind comments.

Before I was even remotely interested in guitar, a neighbourhood
friend’s uncle was throwing away an old combo amp. He owned a recording
studio and was clearing out his garage.

Not knowing anything about music at that time, I remember
setting it up in the backyard and putting someone’s guitar
through it. It had a tremolo function and I found it kind of
haunting. At age 13, it was aural love at first listen. :laughing:
Clearly, I never got over it! :laughing:

Will the Netherlands be included in the tour again? :slight_smile:
We’d love to welcome you in our home! :sunglasses:


that’s a nice offer, and I certainly will take you up
on it one day. As I said to Larry, not sure about next year
yet, still just pondering, but I will catch up with you
eventually to celebrate my retirement. :wink:

Keep a corner spare me for me!

Will do! :thumbsup: :smiley:

Given that you’re at least likely to be on the antipodean (for you) side of the planet, there’s good reason to make sure that some of us find ourselves co-located. If you’re going to be in Wim’s vicinity, I would like prior warning so I can be there too (I can get to his locale reasonably easily). I narrowly missed your visit to the UK last time (I think we were only two or three days a[art), and you’ve long been one of those people I’d like to have a one-to-one with, hopefully with some instruments and recording gear.

Don’t keep it too secret.