Felted - music collab Desert/Early 21

a new track co-written and produced with Early 21.
Thanks Leon for contributing to the track musically , your great guitar playing ( acoustic and electric) and the feedback on the mixes afterwards. Enjoyed it.


Wow! Really it’s a great track; also an excellent collaboration. No criticism to make here, otherwise enjoy the moment. I would have liked to enjoy it a little longer, but that’s good as it is too.

I take my hat off guys.

A soothing track which is bigger than its parts. It sounds really good with the exception of the acoustic guitar which at least to me sounded too thin and metallic but otherwise good work.

I wouldn’t say I had much to do with the writing; I only contributed a solo line, that Peter picked up on! I’m pleased and honored to be able to play on Peter’s tracks, and according to my count, this is the fourth time. I hope there will be more. Peter has a unique sound that I like, and he forces me to think about the ambient aspects of his compositions. That is, how to play and contribute without elbowing my way up to the front, which is not always my instinct as a lead guitarist in a rock band!

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Effing gorgeous…speechless!!

Very nice work, and a fruitful collaboration. This was well written and recorded. I’m curious to know how you did the file sharing. Do you each have the same cubase version and OS? My one minor criticism echoes Hko, in that I think the acoustic guitar could sound a bit better, and I’ll second that thin-ness and metallic nature it has. I’d prefer a fuller, and warmer sound there. Having said that, I don’t even know if I’d have noticed that very much without the earlier comment, but having noted it, I do agree also that it’s overall really well done.

Thanks for listening and the feedback. The collaborating worked fine with scharing wav files in a dropbox folder. Information about plugin’s and feedback on the mixes went though email.
I don’t know what Leon is using , i am using cubase 10 and wavelab 10. We both use the valhalla supermassive plugin and Leon shared his details about that. Working with the different wav files this way worked easy, using the best resolution , for cubase an equal BPM is handy for adding VSTi’s and additional quantizing. I enjoyed it very much because it adds new idea’s and an extra pair of ears for your mixes.

I am also on Cubase 10 (was, just upgraded to Cubase 12), but I could have been on Logic or ProTools or whatever. Peter was the master mixer, so all I had to do was send him through DropBox my guitar parts as .wav files of high quality ( 44.1khz 24-bit) with no effects on them, starting from the start of the file he sent me, so he can line them up. I don’t even really need to know the tempo, but it is useful to know if I want to use a metronome.

As Peter said, I also sent him .mp3 files with my own ideas about how the guitars could be mixed in, including how I used the free Valhalla Supermassive plugin (I sent him a screen shot). But the mixing and mastering decisions were Peter’s.

How lovely to log in to the lounge after a break and to hear this! Absolutely lovely piece of music, beautifully played by you both. I will go and check out Supermassive.


I don’t usually comment on music posted here because it’s mainly pointless. Most of the time people post music here that we all know of ‘no one will ever listen to this’ ever. And all the audience here goes like “Very nice track. Great! Keep up the good work!” But I never ever see anyone give constructive criticism on what is good and what can be improved. And I really think that is what people like you are waiting for!

I know how the human condition works in groups like these. People want to be nice and don’t want to make too much noise to upset others. It also makes no difference to their lives if they like your song or not?

In your case I’m going to make an exception, because the intro caught my attention.

So this is what I think of you song:

00:00 Intro. Very beautiful and promising. Suspenseful and waiting and wanting to see what is next? But I already hear some inconsistencies in the underlying chords?

01:36 Verse1. This is where you’re at the gate of opening the heaven…but it really never happens! Instead you hold back and start retreating! Almost scared of what you started and playing wrong and meaningless chords?

02:24 Verse2. This is where you should start to unpack all the previous build tensions from the intro and the (not happening verse 1 and 2) and build for the finale.

02:30 By the time the drums start, the moment where the climax should start, the song was already dead and there was nothing to build this climax on!

Bottomline! Your intro is really great and begs to heaven but after 01:36 it asks for answers that you never give or even imply. At 02:30 you imply a solution to an answer to a question that was never asked. So it’s bound to die in vain until the end from there!

Sorry I have to be such a bummer! But have you noticed that I’m telling you a story about your music? That’s what you should be telling me with your music? But you chose to start to tell me a story but after an intro you stopped telling the tale.

You’ve lost my attention because you didn’t develop the idea further and kind of faded back into a weaker version of the intro while you should’ve and could’ve unpacked the heavens here. But you never did…

Why didn’t it happen? Because you didn’t open your mind at 01:36 and thought you could get away with repeating yourself until 02:30 and even till the end. But the fact is you just can’t stop telling a story? You need to continue this story and build a twist at (01:36) so you can (02:30) continue and bring this story to an end!

I’m not going to tell you how to write and/or produce music. Because it won’t make any difference. You’ll have to figure this out for yourself! The only advice I can give you is that you should step in with a blank and open mind and relive the intro until 01:36 time after time…. until you really feel and understand what should come next!

I have taken some time to think about this comment. Despite the negative tone in which it sets in

the discussion about the pointlessness of any art made by anyone is interesting but that 's not your message.
I agree on the core message you make that telling a story is part of the creative process in music.
One of my best friends is a professional composer and teached me that there has to be a certain kind of natural flow and logic in it too, like water always trickling down.
I think you’re right that my story is missing a chapter.
Music is perceived partly with recognition and with surprise in our brain. And every brain is different, so your expectation is unique and i don’t know what it consist of. ‘taste’ is not a proper name for what senses music touches.
I will follow your advise and see what is hidden and untold in my little story. Thank you for listening and taking the time to review the track.


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Peter, that is a fine way to tackle feedback.