Femata question

dorico puts the fermata over the previous note that is tied -not the measure i want held.
just want to know which is correct or more correct . thanks

What is correct is where the conductor will actually pause. (Or where everyone feels the pause, if no conductor.) Your second example looks a lot more likely to me.

The technique in Dorico is to pick the last note in any part that should hold, and add the fermata there. Dorico puts the fermata in all staves where needed. In this example, I would select the rest in the 1/4 bar.

(Consider writing an explicit quarter rest in the 1/4 bar because it is so short. But this is unrelated to the fermata issue.)


Thanks . I appreciate your response .

If you want the fermata over the last note in the tie, you can easily untie the notes (select the tied notes and hit u) then add the fermata to the last note before tieing them up again.

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Dorico puts the fermata on the closest written note anyway. So no need to untie and re-tie.

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You can always move a fermata, by dragging, or Alt Left/Right, along the rhythmic grid.

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And you can input a fermata (as any playing technique, lyric, dynamic…) anywhere using the caret first at the exact rhythmic position and invoking the appropriate popover command.