Fender Universal AISO and Cubase LE

Alesis io2 connected but using AISO from fender mustang and still won’t work

Time for you to read the manual. If you really are this clueless and not just having a go at me then it’s the only way you’ll get up to speed.

Now that’s funny!

I think this guy just likes to hear himself talk down to new users and spread misinformation. ie…le1 is better than le4 and that le4 needs to always be hooked to the net to run etc. all wrong! I loaded the 2 programs up and le4 blows le1 away. much better audio engine capable of 32bit export, I can tell le4 sounds alot less brittle, 8 inserts instead of 2, better vsti handling and more slots. less convoluted interface, much better sounding reverb, ya the gui’s aren’t pretty but they’re coded better,etc etc, le4 even looks better, just a way better program hands down. and don’t forget included halion with useable drums. and you don’t need the net to run le4, once you authorize it you can delete all the internet junk and carry on.

anyway what you can try is to go to your audio prefs device setup as in your screenshot and on the top left is an arrow pointing left to a bar, it opens and refreshes all ports, its solved alot of issues

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While your Mustang™ amplifier can output audio through USB, it cannot receive audio input through USB. Therefore, output from any audio app must be handled by an external source.

Sorry Bob, have to disagree with you here. From my reading of the post Nate has been trying his best with limited information from the OP. When the OP finally reveals that he is using the wrong ASIO driver for his interface, I can’t blame Nate for venting a little frustration. And I can’t recall ever seeing him state LE1 is better than LE4. Can you back this up? Much respect.

inthedrink- the Fender ASIO driver will not allow your Alesis interface to function correctly. You need to use a different ASIO driver, and IIRC Alesis didn’t make a dedicated driver for the io2.

2 of many!
he had me mixed up a few times already until I talked to people that know what they’re talking about. I realize hes trying to help but getting upset and saying silly things doesn’t help. lol, just go make music!!
also, I’m allowed to ask steinberg if they would consider an offline authorization without mitten calling me an idiot

mashedmitten wrote:
LE1 has no authorization so why don’t you stick with that? It’s better than LE 4 or 5.

I stand by this statement 1000%.

LE4 needs a connection at all times to use it.

When it first came out, it did. It appears they changed it. Oh boy, 1 mistake out of how many? :unamused:

Get a life. :confused: