Fermata above barline

Is it possible?


Create a fermata in the bar before the barline

Open the properties panel (Ctrl-8).

Switch on “Attach to barline”.

Super, thanks!

I was kind of hoping that you’d just be able to select a bar line in write mode and click the fermata button. A little strange that there is in fact a way to add a fermata to the bar line, but it’s buried in the properties panel.

Direct editing is great for UIs; I hate having to learn to do something unintuitive then take a secondary action that isn’t available until the first odd thing has been done. This is a perfect example, where you have to create something you don’t want (the fermata in the previous bar) before you have anything that allows you to do what you want (fermata on a barline).

I like Dorico’s solution to this. Fermatas over barlines are illogical and best avoided; the only reason to be able to use them is in recreating existing scores where they occur. As a composer or arranger I’d say “don’t do it.”

In many cases a caesura would be better, in the vocal scores that I see, but there are plenty of editions that use them, so a more direct way of doing it would be welcome. If you think of a user coming to the software for the first time, and ask them, “how would you put a fermata on a barline?”, I bet their first answer would include selecting the barline, rather than making a fermata then moving it.

Seriously? Suppose that you want to put a fermata at the end note of a 4/4 measure for piano. However, you have a cello playing two consecutive 1/2 note in this measure. In this case, without a conductor, without a digital tempo indicator, how the heck could these players sync each other’s tempo?

many thanks.