Fermata and caesura don't play nicely together

I have a fermata on the last 16th note of a 4/4 measure. When I add a caesura in front of it, the fermata disappears.

If I add a caesura nearby and try to move it into place, it won’t cooperate. Any ideas?


That’s because you are trying to add them at the same rhythmic position. You are limited — less shortcoming than enforced clarity, I would guess — to one type of pause on each rhythmic position. If you add the caesura on the next rhythmic position — even one 1024th note after —, it should snap into its rightful place.

That’s strange.
Caesuras with fermatas on top of them is a quite common combination, isn’t it?

What I’m trying to do should be permitted without requiring awkward workarounds.

It’s not really a workaround, you’re just fighting the software. One can speculate that while it might visually make sense to put them in the same rhythmic position (and that’s how we did it in other softwares), in the future, when these markings affect playback, having their temporal succession clearly defined is vital to correctly parse them. This is analogous to placing two tempo markings attached to the same attack.

The caesura I’m trying to place occurs before the fermata, not at the same position.


I had this same issue!!! And your help fixed this! I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working properly. But moving the caesura to the upbeat of beat 2, allowed both to happen.

Thank you!
Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 6.52.37 PM.png

Just want to add my voice in support of allowing this sort of thing – or at least in my case, having a caesura appear immediately before a fermata (without having to fiddle with subdivisions before the fermata note).

Since caesuras and fermatas are not allowed together at the same rhythmic position, I would like to request a special symbol that’s a caesura with a fermata on top of it, to indicate a longer than normal silence. (But where to put it in the Holds and Pauses panel – with fermatas or with caesuras? :confused: )

I suppose it would be possible to create such a symbol in the symbol editor, but when playback of caesuras and fermatas is added to Dorico it would be nice to have the combined caesura/fermata be a native symbol that Dorico would know how to play back.