Fermata and rit

Thanks for the new playback-options for fermatas and breath-marks.

There is an issue when fermatas and rits are overlapping, like here:

Then the fermatas don’t play back

That’s right. Fermatas will only play back when they don’t intersect other tempo changes.

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Shouldn’t the “rit” reach right up to the fermata?
I mean, when everybody is standing still, they can’t slow down any more anyway, right?

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Maybe the trill is still supposed to rit.

It’s a hold within a rit.
But, I can write it different

Actually, in m14 I’d prefer a slow ending on the rit, and deleting the fermata. But that’s another FR.
Anyway rewriting m14 to poco rit ending on m14 beat 2 is not a problem.
m10-11 on the other hand I’d prefer to keep visual as is.