Fermata missing

Fermata missing on played notes on top staff of a harp par. Have tried all the options in ‘Max. fermatas per staff’ section.

It returns when I remove the tied notes … but I would like them to be tied and keep the fermata:


I can’t reproduce this.

You’ll need to provide a sample document.

How is the ‘bisbigliando’ text generated? Does it have the background erased, and set not to avoid collisions? Perhaps the text is obscuring the fermata?

Here the fermata appears if the breathmark is removed… (if it’s attached to the notes rather than the bar!)


Aha: The breathmark needs to be at a different rhythmic position to the fermata. Move it to the last quaver, or something.

You can only have one Hold of any type at the same position.


Problem solved! Comma now connected to the barline and fermata has re-appeared.
Thank you both.

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I’m kind of having the same problem with commas and fermatas. Except I got everything working finally (all commas and fermatas showing in an orchestral score). But then I ran into my Horns 3 and 4 not condensing, so there had to be a difference in the phrase, and then I found it: Horn 3 doesnt have a fermata on the last bar…really strange behaviour.
Take a look at the screenshot, all the other instruments are working fine, execpt Horn 3:

Oh, I just now inderstood the solution given here.
For dummies like me: move the comma to the right with alt + rightarrow (the appearence doesn’t change) until the fermata appears again.