Fermata not respecting forced duration

For m. 67 beat 3 the fermata is placed on the 8th-note, but playback doesn’t respect this.


In playback, Dorico doesn’t see the forced duration of the eighth note, so the fermata is considered to be relative to the duration of the entire note, i.e. the full quarter note duration.

Ok, how do I get this right?

You could create two eighth notes in separate voices, perhaps, then tie them together by Ctrl+clicking each of them and hitting T.

Add the fermata to the 8th rest on the top staff, not the 8th note on the bottom staff.
Unless I’m missing something?

Heh, yes, what Leo said!

I noticed that fermata not operating when combined with ritardando. When I shorten ritardando just before fermata then it works. Is is normal musical interpretation?

Yes, Dorico will only play a fermata that does not already intersect with another tempo change.

Couldn’t you also add a fermata while in note input, navigating the caret to exactly the desired rhythmic position? I’m not at my computer atm so I can’t try it.

I can’t get this to work. It takes the quarter-note no matter what I do.