Fermata position on multiple voices in shared staff

When I set the “Max. fermatas per staff” property to “One per staff”, can I choose which voice on the staff the fermata should attach to? In the screenshot, I have the fermata placed on the third beat of measure 4, but I would like the fermata in the bass stave to appear below the green voice instead of the red.

You can’t choose which note the fermata should appear on; and in this case, isn’t what Dorico suggests correct? If the music is going to be read by a single performer, it’s correct for the fermata to appear at the position at which the music will pause, which according to the presence of the fermata in the upper staff, is on the second half note (minim) beat of the bar.

If the inner red voice was moved to the upper staff, the bottom fermata position would move to the green voice.
In the chorale manuscript I’m engraving, the fermatas are placed only in relation to the outer voices, regardless of where the inner voices are situated.

Just nudge it in engrave mode.

That’s an interesting convention, @victorphan, and not one I’ve seen before. I’m afraid @Romanos401 is right and you’ll have to nudge the fermata in Engrave mode to move it to the position you want it to appear. I’ll keep my eyes open to see whether this convention seems to be followed more widely and whether it would be worth going to the effort of supporting it in Dorico directly.