Fermata position

Please refer to the pic.

I would like to put the pauses on those last crotchet rests. Is it possible?


I got this result …
Just select the top last quarter note rest and put the Fermata.
Nothing else !
P.-S. looks that the bottom one will need some adjustment !
Capture d'écran 2016-12-06 12.30.07.png
Also this…
Capture d'écran 2016-12-06 13.00.28.png

Since the fermata is applied to all instruments in Dorico, you have to be really careful to which note you apply it. And I find that the last one on which you want it to appear (i.e. the shortest value, here the quarter note rest) is the way to go.

Often, but not always. I imagine I am conducting the piece: where would I pause?

I guess you would pause on the first fermata appearing (BUT indicate for those who do have the fermata on a rest that they should stop playing)…

That’s incorrect. A conductor reads the fermata the same way Dorico inputs it: The last beat position is where you hold, not any previous fermatas on longer note values.

Unless a conductor wants to use the tied-over short note as a down beat to get the rhythm going again. Clarity (in a way that makes rehearsal time most efficient) is the most important factor to consider.

Thanks guys!

These questions are why (if at all possible) I put tied notes so that all pauses are written at the same rhythmic spot.