fermata positioning and tied notes

Hello everyone!

If multiple notes are tied together, is it possible to attach the fermata to the last note (see picture) by default instead of the first one which is Doricos standard procedure. Couldn’t find any setting to toggle this. Would love to avoid dragging every single fermata free-hand.

Thanks for your help!
Screenshot 2020-10-17 110313.png

Put the caret where you want the fermata, then use the Shift-H popover (or click it in from the right panel).

Thats awesome, thanks so much!

Hi, I have a similar issue that is not fixed by using this caret input method.

I have also tried inserting the fermata at the start of the tie then dragging it into position. But in both cases the fermata disappears on staves with notes, but is shown correctly on bar rests. See image.

The problem here is caused by the breath mark. Two holds cannot share the same position (yet), and that is a recurring problem. I’d say try and move the breath mars and reposition them in Engrave mode. And don’t forget the parts.