Fermatas aren't appearing on all staves

I’m writing a piece for six horns, and In the 4th bar, I’m trying to add a fermata. See attached file.

The first time I selected the whole note in the top staff, added the fermata, and that worked fine; the fermatas appeared in all the staves. I dragged the one in the second staff to the second half note in Engrave Mode. I checked the parts, and the fermatas were there in every part. In the Horn 2 part I had to move the fermata to the second half note in Engrave Mode, but it seemed ok.

However, either immediately or in shortly thereafter, the fermatas disappeared in the parts only from Horns 1, 4, and 5. They were still present in all the staves in the score.

I’ve done everything I can think of to get them to appear in all the parts, as they do in the score. I’ve taken them out and put them in again, no luck. I’ve tried adding them in the part rather than the score, and again, no luck — they won’t appear at all in the part, although they are still on every staff in the score.

Any ideas?


What happens if you select the second half note of the second staff and then add the fermata there? Do all the fermati show correctly everywhere?

No, that didn’t work, Leo. It was one of the first things I tried.

Where on the rhythmic grid is the comma positioned?

I think you have hit the known limitation that you can’t have a fermata and a breath mark attached to the same rhythmic position.

Delete the breath marks and put the fermata on the second half-note of horn 2 where it belongs. Then put the note entry caret on the last rhythmic position in the bar create the breath mark there.

Bingo — thanks, Rob. I’d forgotten completely about the conflict between fermatas and breath marks, and I didn’t even know you could enter a breath mark through the note entry caret.