Fermatas Don't Playback

Fermatas are not held out at all in Dorico 3.5. Previous programs I’ve used allowed you to define how long a fermata would be held. I don’t see that ability in Dorico. Am I missing something.

Hi …yes you’ve missed this :

Hello Ernest,
I suppose your previous app is Overture, probably?!
Yes, currently Dorico doesn’t playback the Fermatas and the Breath marks, but is in the list and probably very soon they will work as expected. At the moment if the Fermatas and Breath marks are crucial for your works you could edit/automate the tempo track/lane in Play Mode.

I wish you success, :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response. Another response I got showed how to use the time track to change the tempo. I had used a tempo change on the last note to increase the time, but the time track method seems to be a good alternative. Previous music software was Sibelius. One of my reasons for switching to Dorico is I use a VST sound set called Forzo Brass. There was not direct way to implement in Sibelius, even with Kontakt. I came up with a “work-around” but that was prone to numerous issues. It’s a very positive point with Dorico I just add the Kontakt VST and setting up the Forzo Brass instruments is very direct.

Ernie Adams


Thanks for the quick response. I should be able to get the results I need using the time track.

Ernie Adams