Fermatas on notes and rests

Is there a way to have Dorico place fermatas on specific notes and rests? I am trying to achieve this as shown in the attachment. I would like to have the fermatas only on the whole notes, and then only on the rests in the measure where there are quarter notes, but instead I get fermatas on every note when placing it on the whole notes. Another way to expain this is I want the whole note players to sustain their chord while the quarter note players have a silent hold.
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.40.19 AM.png

Click the quarter rest and add the fermata there. In general, think about the rhythmic position that you would like the fermata to take effect at, and create it there.

But when I insert the fermata on one of the whole notes, fermatas get placed automatically on every staff on either whole notes, quarter notes, or bar rests. At that point I can’t figure out how to move those on quarter notes to the next rest (on beat 2).

Remove the fermata
Then re-enter the fermata at the desired rythmical position. Either using the caret, or by applying it to the rest in the other instrument

Got it! By deleting the fermata and re-entering it at the desired rhythmic position a fermata was placed correctly (beat 2 in this case) for the quarter note players, and fermatas were automatically placed correctly on the whole notes and bar rests for other staves. Thanks Ian and Anders!!

Actually, I would put the fermata above the half rest in the first 2 staves. As I understand the “rule of thumb”, when one or more fermatas appear over a whole note, if any other measures in the stack have smaller subdivisions, their fermatas always appear at the last subdivision, furthest into the measure. Your example is a textbook case.


I think this is backwards. The fermata should be correctly placed where it applies to the shortest rhythmic division - otherwise that player will do the wrong thing!

In the OP’s example, the first three players can extend the length of the quarter note, or extend the rest. Choosing between those two options is a musical decision for the composer, not a “rule of thumb”. For example there might have been another part starting with a quarter-rest, followed by some notes.

Of course the choice of which rest the fermata should be on in the OP’s example is not a “musical” issue, and FWIW I would probably put it on the the half-note.