Fermatas on selected notes

In the attached example, is there a way to put fermatas on the whole notes, but not on the staccato quarter notes? I tried using Lock Duration to turn the whole note into two tied half notes so I could put the fermatas on the second half note (and therefore on the third beat rest in the quarter note bars), but Dorico wouldn’t let me do that.


Why don’t you put the fermata on the minim rest?

Put the fermata on the last note value on which the fermata will be played, and Dorico will input it the right way. I think in your example, you should put it on the half note rest. You can input it even on the fourth beat if you want… Enter note input mode, move the caret where you want the fermata in your third or fourth staff, press shift H, input fermata in the popover, enter and you’re done.

Thanks, Guys. Guess I was thinking it had to be on a note. Shoulda taken the blinders off. :/)