fermatas on the barline


Is it possible to put two fermatas on the barline (see example)?

Also, is it possible to hide fermatas? Sometimes I would like to have a fermata in one staff, but not in the other (Dorico automatically places a fermata in all staves).

thanks in advance,

The easiest way to accomplish the picture is to enter note input mode, move to the last rhythmic position in the bar, and add the fermata there. You’ll need to drag it over the barline in Engrave mode.

For #2, you have two options:

  1. Add it in all staves and drag the superfluous ones off the page.
  2. (Better): create a custom playing technique that uses the fermata glyph.

Thank you!

Isn’t there a property for fermatas over barlines?

Leo’s right: https://steinberg.help/dorico/v2/en/dorico/topics/notation_reference/notation_reference_holds_pauses_placement_fermatas_barlines_t.html

There is a property, but you can only put one fermata over a barline, not two (like in the example I attached)