Ferneyhough Stress Test

I was just curious, and quite impressed!

just a couple of things I couldn’t work out - for some reason e.g. the second quintuplet of bar 3 in Oboe, I couldn’t set partial beam to right. (why isn’t it possible to go both ways?)

Also - metronome mark below tempo mark?


This is fantastic - if you’re willing to post the file, I’d love to see it!

The only way to accomplish this at present is System Text.


You can also place the two tempo marks independently a 32nd note (or so) apart and move them in engrave mode.

How well does it play back?

I’d say reasonably considering!

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Here you go - I only did the first line. While I think I’d get faster eventually, doing the whole lot would definitely be a grind.

Have updated it too to sort the metronome mark and a couple of other bits, like one of the trills whose natural wasn’t quite notated in the same way.

Engrave mode is truly remarkable. Only a small amount of fakery was needed here - I replaced the stems and used lines to create the strange beaming in the soprano part. It has to be said that whenever I edited anything remotely nearby the lines, they jumped position and I had to put them back into place again numerous times.

Ferneyhough Fun.dorico (1.2 MB)

enjoy :slight_smile:



The beaming? that is easy, just select the seven notes and apply “beam togheter”.

You can get the partial beams on the right side, but i guess that is not the intended behaviour, kind of “do it at your own risk”:
Activate the split secondary beam property, now you can activate the partial beam direction property and select “right”, deactivate then the split secondary beam property. Done.

That’s done it, thanks! Also it seems you can have partial beams both ways - you just need to select the notes seperately.

Good fix - wonder why you need to activate the beam splitting to be able to use partial beams…