Few bars in a single page

Hi Steinberg Community, I’m writing a score and Dorico is putting one or two bar per page, maybe because I’m writing 32th notes. How can I put more bars in the same page? Thank you

Hi Vgaladini, there are a few ways - reducing the staff size, changing the page margins, reducing the note spacing for example.

If none of those are helpful, can you share a picture for a bit more context?

If I put the dimension n.8 of the rastrum, it is helpful. But in this case, which one do you recommend?

Try changing the page size to something larger (e.g. A3) and adjusting the staff size such that 2 systems can fit per page; for ensembles that aren’t fully orchestral it can be hard to find a good balance (more than c. 5 staves per system but not that many more) but probably a smaller staff size and 2 systems per page would end up with a better, more work-able result.

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Now it is way better. Thank you very much for your kindness!