Few MusicXML (made with Notion) import issues

I try import included file.(i see how original looks expect even this crescendo dynamc change it not saved i forget it here,and i mean destination point). this is not real music but test about what transfers and what is not.(i found something else but some things are indeed not at all in file then is not Dorico fault i found somethings like accent and spicatto symbols transfer). Looks when i need transfer from Notion i need print whole project or look it in display same time in source (Notion) and destination.(Dorico)mxheppa_simpletest.xml (8.9 KB)
ps. i found these rarer notation symbols does not import or other imported different symbol when i think when i look both programs have it.

I need better rarer notation symbols import.(if they are original file is so hard know what is musicxml and what is not but i know at least some of these are and i found Notion does not save all)

Becouse anyone ask:
Why i dont use Dorico directly? becouse i compose in Studio One at least partly in now. and saving midi and editing from it is painful in complex projects. even more when i understand midi import has also own problems.

and bartok pizzicatto/snap pizzicatto and this rarer jazz trumpet symbols does not import or jazz trumpet things import wrong.

Dorico doesn’t currently import Bartòk pizzicato markings, it’s true, but otherwise it seems to bring in the jazz articulations, tremolos and dynamics. We plan to continue to improve MusicXML import and export in future versions.

Looks like Notion saves several of these jazz ones wrong or there is no different way save few of them i dont know what MusicXML allows. Luckily i dont need them much.