Few questions about C6 and Steinberg politycs!

Hi Chris,
I’ve few questions about C6 and Steinberg politycs:

let me know what we must do for have a simply Grouping “on the fly” and others features requested million times from pro musicians.
Let me know (es.) how to mix on 50 tracks+, grouping and subgrouping in several ways. NOW is a waste of time! Detecting where Cubase put new created group. …And waste other time for sending several individual tracks to that group!!! Waste and waste time!
How many pro engineers use grouping tracks in complex way and in complex mix scenario?
Is Cubase a Pro software with Pro features for Pro Musicians and Engineers? Ok, give us new features for Pro and not for people that can work with a lite version of software.
With this i don’t mean that C6 fail, but…BUT …
We don’t need new ampli sim, colors shadow, new icons and windows…

  • Mixer? Routings? Side chains?.. The same?
  • Editing Frozen tracks?
  • Improvments to score layout? …

For me, the only BIG improvment in C6 are:

  • new “multitrack hitpoints” for drums quantize;
  • drum replace;
  • “multi take” managment;
  • editing folder for multi parts.

For a priced upgrade (i think) a lot of useful and exclusive news are not included.



MIDI learn is worthy, as is an inspector for the key editor, unified MIDI/VST expression will be a real boon for production studios that deal exclusively with programmed material.

Automation handling?

That’s a question for engineers, fortunately I am not


…and we continue to type +1, +100000, -1, +2…
Have some consideration this?

With apologies to the original poster.

I agree with:


Curteye, my reply was referring to Steinb team. Thanks for your support, but my question is if our quoting have value for Stey.

Like Tomateck,

I am finding it hard to hard my disappointment that Cubase 6 did not get VCA faders and linked automation.

I do see that Cubase 6 has now got the ability to instigate a plugin on multiple selected tracks at once and to create multiple sends at once … this is most definitely a step in the right direction.

There is very little I miss from my days of working in Logic 8, but about the only work flow thing Logic did get right was the ability to select channels by dragging your mouse across the mixer and then anything … literally anything you do to a single channel is reflected in the temp. selected channels. It speeds up mixing 10x!

I believe Cubase is but a few basic added professional mixing features away from being the ultimate DAW for every aspect of music production. Out of all the available DAW’s cubase comes out top in my studio … in terms of work flow and GUI not to mention top class sound quality.

Please, please SB team add these couple of features to Cubase 7. I promise to be patient :slight_smile:


What are VCA faders can I ask?

It’s a special channel fader which isn’t really an audio channel but the fader actually controls one or more other audio channel faders ganged together. It’s slightly like a group channel in that it can control the volume of all it’s channels at once, but because it controls the actual channel faders then the post fader effect send levels on those channels change too, whereas they wouldn’t for a group channel. Confused?


Cubase has a crude form in the way you can link channels in the mixer.

If you ever get a chance to see Logic Pro 8/9 you will see how it is done properly and how useful it is.

In Logic above the fader in the channel strip of the mixer, is a box where you assign the fader to a number (1-64)
then any other channels assigned to that same VCA number all move together (they become a VCA group)

You can give each VCA group properties, like link sends, link mutes, link solo, link automation evetns etc.
To say it is liberating for mixing is an understatement!

Pro tools 9 native has it, although it’s part of their add on kit that costs £1500!!!
Logic copied it from Pro tools actually.

I would think it was a “must have” for Nuendo and then get ported to Cubase, but seemingly not.

If Logic ever got their audio editing together, and changed the GUI and work flow they could win me back over these missing features in Cubase.

It’s become a straight race for me, either Cubase gets a linked automation and VCA’s or Logic gets a professional audio editor and off-line process history.

I just can’t find a DAW that has 100% of the features I need, it’s so frustrating … sigh.


Why not in 6.1? Another 2 years for this simply but useful feature?
Logic, PT have this since 2006…i think

I don’t know about politics, but I think they pull a few crowd pleasers, and then they keep the grumbling down on this forum by implementing a few of the main things we mention, then they correct a few ‘easy’ bugettes, a few major bugs and tweak anything else they fancy. At least, that’s what I’d do. The crowd pleasers may well be decided by the marketing department…


I was just trying to be realistic, I imagine it is a lot of programming to implement something that’s a complex object oriented thing, like linking many different types of events and GUI devices!

I’d love it in 6.x, and you never know, however in technology you have to develop patience and use the tools you have in your tool bag on any given day. Music must come first :slight_smile:



perhaps some features look simple from the outside, but under the hood it is more complex. Everybody here has his “personal” agenda with feature request and other wishes, but we cannot do it all at the same time.

Close this one.