Few questions about quick controls

Hi all, new here (although not a total n00b to cubase) signed up after i found myself scratching my head on something.

After my friend showing me the macros in ableton i realised that i didnt know how to automate various parameters on a soft synth with the ease of just using one fader/knob.

I’ve never realy used the quick controls before so i asigned them to some faders on my midi controler and could automate anything i wanted in fm8. But i cant work out if i can assign 2 parameters to one quick control - Filter cutoff and effects amount with one fader for example.

Also i was wondering if you can invert the values on the control - for example; fader goes up - filter cutoff goes up at the moment. I wonderd if you could change it so that if fader goes up - filter cutoff goes down.

Appriciate any advise anyone can offer :smiley:


AFAIK you can only assign one parameter at a time to a quick control.

Reversing the behavior of your faders would be a setting in your midi controller, not in Cubase.


Ok thanks, Just wondering because you can invert the ranges in ableton.

I don’t know if this would help but you can assign as many midi tracks as you want to the same instrument and assign different 8 parameters for the quick controls in each of them! What kind of midi controller we are talking about anyway?