Field Recorder Audio Import question

Hi Guys

I’m working on a project where the editors cut with the on set mix tracks.
I now have to go back to source and relink the project files to the field recorder source audio.
In the field recorder Audio Import window, I can easily match back the project files to the field recorder files - no problem.
However when I click insert on Lanes, It does not match the waveforms of project clip versus field recorder clip
Nuendo matches the length of whatever I have selected to be replaced, but the recorder file always start at the beginning.
The project was given to me from Premier as an OMF with media referenced and not embedded.
Help would be greatly appreciated!



After doing some more research, it doesn’t seem that Nuendo automatically aligns the audio clips between omf and field source. In the field recorder demo video on YouTube, the field source was exact same duration as the clip that was to be replaced, and that is why they matched?
It seems that once you have placed your source clips on lanes, you still need to manually slide them and get them close, then use audio align tool to get them to match.

I hope I’m wrong!?

While field recorder is great it isn’t perfect.
I think you need to get a new delivery and use what in media composer called “copy all media” not just with handles but the full length of the file.

It’s been a long time since I had to deal with premiere (luckily).
I think it also has to do with how much Premirre strips the export of metadata, premiere using OMF has always been awful with that in my experience.

Thanks Erik
I’m going to try the all handles all media route and see how it goes.
If not that Ill have to try the edl way which I have never done . So hoping option 1 works out

If I remember correctly and if it is a recent PP version they supposedly improved AAF exports as well.
I would chose AAF over OMF every day (and never embedded always copy the files).
I havn’t used OMF in years.

Copy that. Ill get them to do me both thanks

Just a follow up.
Copy all media was the answer to all my problems for both AAF and OMF from Premier.
I can now relink and it places all clips at the correct positions no problem
Super happy
Thanks again for the help!

Glad to help

Nice, yeah definitely it can’t really guess the in and out points of the places that were used to make each clip, it would have to use some sort of visual waveform matching algorithm to do this without full files, which might be possible in theory if it knows its the same exact file. Anyways its not there yet but still useful. Its up to us to get the editors to delivery what we need.