FIELD RECORDING IMPORT based only on Timecode

I have a feature request for the Field Recording Audio Import workflow in Nuendo 10

In Nuendo 10 this import is based on metadata like scene, reel, take etcetera. Very often this information is not present in (all) field recording files, especially when working with multiple recorders on a shoot. It would be great if there was also an option to import tracks solely based in matching timecode. This way it is also possible for editors to edit with the sound that was recorded on camera (timecode synced but lacking scene and take metadata), and then later at the mix stage the audio recorder(s) files can be imported based on timecode.

Another scenario where this is useful is when working with multiple audio recorders on set of which one is the main recorder (with scene / take metadata) and other recorders are just running along without scene/take metadata but timecode synced. Or for example when working with files from Zaxcom transmitters that are timecode synced but without scene/take metadata.

Pro Tools Ultimate for example has this feature and it is very, very useful (I am moving from PT to Nuendo):

Unless I misunderstood you. Isn’t that what the filter option “Origin Time” does?


Doesnt seem to work. My guess is that this filter option is looking for the exact same origin times. This is never the case because recorders and camera’s don’t press record at exactly the same time. Also the origin time of a file is different than the edit start point of a clip. I am looking for a filter option that checks the time code inpoint and outpoint of a clip, and will look for matching timecode stretches in the field recorder files.

For example:
Recorder A is running along all day: one long file
Recorder B is operated manually and records 3 scenes
Camera is tc operated manually and records 3 scenes but with not exactly matching origin times of recorder B
everything is tc synced

The editor edits with the audio recorded on camera and sends ref video with AAF to sound post who would like to work in nuendo. In the AAF are three audio clips of which the start and end point have been trimmed by the video editor. For a proper Field Recording Audio Import workflow you want to select the three audio clips in the nuendo project and let Nuendo search for the matching stretches of audio in recorder A (Nuendo makes 3 clips from one long file), and in recorder B (Nuendo trims the three files with overlapping timecode matches but not exactly the same origin times).

I hope this is clear :slight_smile:

I think your request makes perfect sense!

I havn’t had time to test things when it comes down to field rec import but it sounds quite shokking that this seems not based on TC. As an audio-post guy that is a field recordist once in a while I know very good that scene and take numbers are useless as an import option as is origin time. TC is the only thing that is running completely the same over all different devices. I realy hope they will fix this indeed. thanks very much for your post!

Björn, Warning Studios.

Yes I also hope they add this feature. For me the lack of this makes working in Nuendo impossible for many post production projects, alas

You can use the EDLtranslate tool.
It checked Tape and TC from BWF or XML metadata.


You can use the EDLtranslate tool.
It checked Tape and TC from BWF or XML metadata.

Please explain further.
What is the EDLtranslate tool, for instance?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Please ask Google too.
You can use only an EDL, not the AAF, from AVID, and EDLtranslate will match all field recordings in one step. In according to TC and Tape of field recording files.
Then save it as XML track archive and open it in Nuendo.

Hi Dietrich,

Are you the Dietrich that is affiliated (makes / sells) the EDL translate software? If so it is always fair to state this when you promote / suggest a product on a forum. I have used the software (for when i need to work in Reaper for example) and it works but I also found that the workflow and the corrections that need to be made after the two translation steps are too time consuming for many smaller projects. Also, I am aware of other software that can import field recorder files based on timecode, for example Pro Tools and Pyramix can do this natively. To request this feature in Nuendo is a suggestion to improve their software, so that you don’t have to use other software to do this.

Bumping this. I’m running into this right now. The audio was all damaged in the AAF file, and all metadata was lost (don’t get me started) and literally the ONLY way to match up the audio in the AAF / project, would be via the TC in both the project clips and the field recorder files.

I’m brand new to Nuendo, so forgive me if I’m missing a new feature that does this.