Field recording with an audio interface

I saw this interesting picture on [UR22mkII: Das Beste seiner Klasse | Steinberg] on which someone apparently put together a field recording kit with an audio interface
( I never saw something like this before. Are there any resources on how to put together such a kit and how it compares to a dedicated field recorder? Does anyone here maybe use an audio interface for field recording themselves?

It’s simply a UR22mkII being powered via usb from a laptop.

See page 5 in the UR22mkII Operation Manual (

Yeah, but they show a guy without a laptop here. So, what’s that kit? An iPad as recording and control device, powering the interface? Did they just make it up to shoot a photo of it?

The laptop is under the device. He’s waiting until he has enough courage to make go-pro video of him playing guitar on his surfboard in the water, but the tide is out, and he never surfed before, and also doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into.

Also, he appears to have forgotten his go-pro camera in his dunebuggy.

@steve Oh, I see what you mean. We’re not talking about the same picture! I included a direct link to the picture in question in the original post. It’s the guy with the boom mic in the cornfield, no beach in sight.


Well in that photo there is clearly a mile-long USB cable threading through the wheat field to his Yamaha-Steinberg motorcycle battery, and his iphone must be in the device case. Maybe the fellow is actually in his bedroom, and the other stuff was green-screened.

Okay, joking aside, this is an advertising photo, not reality, and I don’t see where there’s a mention of a kit.

But you can do this with any device that can run a daw on it, and also provide enough voltage to the UR device. For example, my system (click my avatar to see my profile info)

Okay, so that’s pure advertisement fantasy and the mention of field recording is completely negligible.
That’s all I wanted to know, thanks :slight_smile: