"Fight Without Honor" by Vern Cantrell


It’s a more serious mix job by me, testing out Slate Digital’s VBC and VMR. Going to start mix practice on other’s work sometime soon. Still a novice to mixing, so go easy on me. :help:

The title caught my attention. I’m no expert with this genre and it’s not particularly my thing but the mix itself sounds like the real deal - I have no issue with it. Good work in that regard. :slight_smile:

I’ll second Ian’s comments. I don’t know where metal is these days, but it does sound like it belongs in the genre.

Awesome xphen0m! Are these virtual amps? They sound like miked guitar cabs. Sounds pro!

Any tips for how you used the Slate plugs in this mix?

great stuff ,i have a jcm 900 ,it has been the best amp i`ve owned so far for scraping the pick down the wound strings and it sounding like proper rock.excellent playing and mix.