Fighting the Dragon (orchestral soundtrack)

I thought I’d post some of my music for my fairy-tale.
When I close my eyes and think on travelling between imaginary worlds a story forms in my head. The story evolves to something like a film. This could be the music for it.
For I’m only a hobbyist this is a (very) long-term project and it will take me years to complete. But, well, how do they say: “the journey is the award”.

Sounds good. Very ambitious approach though. For me the blend of orchestral vs pop/rock instruments did not always work that well - e.g. drum sounds did not seem fit so well together with the orchestral side of your track.

Whoa. That is some undertaking! I think it flows successfully from beginning to end, but I have to admit the fairy tale wasn’t steering me, it was the music. I really liked your orchestra, and am wondering what you used. I thought the rock parts fit in pretty well, but I think it’s a very hard thing to do, so I understand what HKO is saying.

Thank you for hearing my music and posting your opinion. Would you mind telling me what in particular you meint with “does not fit so well”? Is it mixing drums with orchestra in general? Is it the attraction the drums draw away from the orchestra? Covered Instruments? Rhythm standing in oppsition of the flow in the Orchestra? The audio mix? It would be nice to hear an opionion from different ears than mine.

Thanks for your kind words. I’m currently working on a 3D visualisation like in a visual novel . Then - I think - the story will be much more in the foreground. (Just want to try it out) If you think making a track like this is much work - don’t ever mess with 3D - its a nightmare compared to making music :slight_smile:
I’m using Spitfire libraries for strings, brass is Samplemodeling libraries, and most woodwinds is Audiomodeling SWAM, orchestral percussion is some Vienna libs instruments and ew symphonic orchestra , drums: XLN, Bass: Amplesound.
Reverb is Vienna MIR. If you want to hear an orchestra only track using those instruments go for:

I think it is partly the drum sound which I think is not living in the same space as the orchestral instruments and secondly the drum beat seems too monotonous. I think also the bass sound also appears to me as if it was recorded in a studio whereas the rest of the orchestra is recorded in a live venue. The bass playing is very good and the solo part towards the end works out really fine.

Musically I find you piece very interesting and well performed. I can only come up with one negative, i.e. the abundance of different elements and themes. Sometimes the themes appear not to be developed for very long and then a next theme is introduced.

Somehow the mix of orchestra and pop/rock elements to me evoke a Love Boat type of tune which I believe is not the purpose here.

I didn’t realise you were using spitfire strings. I thought them not so convincing, and lacking their own space for each instrument. I think you need to track each string part separately, rather than block attacks and decays… A better overall reverb would glue the mix more. But excellent work.

Yes, I set bass and drums much dryer than the rest of the instruments in an attempt not to get them drowned in reverb. Turend out this was not a good approach. Well I can fix this.
The drums also could interact better with whats going on elsewhere. Got it I can fix this.
The abundance of themes the hasty pace through the piece … well thats my style i can’t fix this :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for spending your time with my piece and for the effort to reply. I very much appreciate this.

Thank you for your comment. The strings are already on their own tracks and put into their individual position through Vienna MIR. Therefore I use the close mic position only. Other than a bit of cosmetic EQ for each string section there is no further processing.
I do not have so many string libraries. You coud get lost by just choosing the best one. I decided for Spitfire yeas ago because they were pretty conststent between the sections and articulations and they worked for fast runs as well as slow legatos.
I agree that in the mix a lot could be done. It’s also a matter of priority which clearly is not the mix in my case. I would love to print out the score and get it done by a real orchestra, but …