Figurato font in Dorico 4.1

One problem with the change of Lyric Fonts to Paragraph Styles in 4.1 that hasn’t been mentioned widely: any old documents that use Figurato in Lyrics will display the figures very far away from the staff.

This is because Figurato has a very large bounding box, due to the need to stack characters on top of each other. I’ve tried editing the font, but I end up just squishing all the characters onto one line.

Of course, Figurato was designed as a clever ‘hack’ to provide figured bass before Dorico developed its own figured bass functionality; ideally, re-entering the figures as ‘proper’ figured bass is the way forward.

You can still use Figurato as the font for actual Figured Bass, and this works without problem.

(However: Figurato is designed to work at a size of about 12pt relative to the staff, whereas SMuFL fonts are designed to work at 20pt to the staff, so Figurato will appear massive if left at the default Figured Bass Font Style size of 20pt.)