Figured Bass Bug?

Is anyone else having a complete Dorico crash when trying to add a suspension line with the options at the bottom of the screen? I create a suspension with 5,4–>3 in the popover, toggle the switch over to show the resolution line and when I click the checkbox, system crash every time.

No, it works here. Are you on the latest update, 3.5.12 ?

Can you supply a sample document?

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file to a reply here. Hopefully it will include one or more crash dumps that we can examine. If the problem is reproducible for you, please also attach the project itself with details of how to reproduce the problem.

Dorico (473.3 KB)
Kerll.dorico (1.1 MB)
Thanks all! Last measure of First flow in the file is a reproducible version of the error if you want to see if it can be replicated. If I click on the existing 54–>#3 figure and try to toggle on the ‘Line between susp. and resolution’ switch it sometimes lags for a second, sometimes crashes. It will sometimes let me turn on the switch then crash when I check the checkbox. Once or twice it has allowed me to do both and then when I click the ‘Resolution pos.’ switch it will crash. I am taking @benwiggy 's solution and updating – I was a few versions behind. I’ll update if that solves the problem.

@dspreadbury Ha! I did encounter another bug in the updating process. ‘Check for Updates’ on the menu for 3.5.1 directs you to a website to download Dorico 3 not Dorico 3.5 updates. I just accidentally de-updated to the newest 3.0 version instead of 3.5. Had to manually search for the 3.5 update page.

@dspreadbury 3.5.12 now successfully installed. The problem with the figured bass crashing has stopped with the update.

Great, I’m glad this is resolved.