Figured Bass does not want to show up over rest

Hello, a strange issue I have:

In my score I can’t get my Figured Bass number show up over (under) a rest, even when accessing the property panel: Hiding/Showing figured bass figures individually

The Number is hidden, but the flag is not set to Hidden. How can I make it visible?
In case there is something wrong with my setup, I’ll include the file here:

figured bass not showing up.dorico (385.8 KB)

Thank you for help.

See the last paragraph before the note here -

Figures appear as signposts if Dorico Pro either does not normally show them, such as third intervals, or cannot identify the bass note for them, such as on a rest.

However, there is a property “Show figured bass” that you can set for individually selected rests. I’ll make a note to make some more links between hiding/showing figures and when they’re automatically hidden on rests, and to add that property which I believe is missing from the manual!

If this 5,3 figure wasn’t on a rest, the other place to check would be in Engrave > Engraving Options > Figured Bass -


Thank you Lillie, and sorry, my fault, I did select the flag and not the rest!
May be, at this place the GUI is not quite as intuitive (at least when it comes to my way of accessing this problem: I see something is hidden - and I want to make the hidden element visible.) - as I had the same issue another time already. I had done the usual searches before posting, of course …

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In this case, because that property is missing from the manual, I’m not surprised your searches weren’t fruitful. Thanks for your question!

Lillie. Thanks. This one has been frustrating me as well. (I too have been trying to override the signpost!!)

It is not intuitive that a figured bass is a property of the note, since it can be entered once and appear on multiple staves. Yet, the hide/show figured bass property only appears in the properties panel if the selected note/rest already has a figured bass.

Is this what was intended?

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I’m no expert on figured bass, but you could enter “5, 4->3, r=n” where your current 54 is and that would resolve the suspension across the barline

Figured bass isn’t a property of a note: it’s a separate item that lives (by default) in the global stream, so that it can be shown on any instrument without requiring to be reinput. The properties for figured bass appear when you have either the figure itself or its signpost selected; the exception is for a rest on which you want the figured bass to appear, and that property does indeed belong to the rest itself.

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In many cases selecting the rest that has a (hidden) figured bass figure (quite common) I can select showing figured bass but in some cases not. When I copy a rest with a figure earlier in the flow where it works than I can put figures and make them show up. So there seems to be a little bit of tweaking necessary I think with all respect.