Figured bass not appearing on Mac

I’ve recently updated my Dorico 3.5 (Mac) to 3.5.10.
I am trying to type the figured bass (literally) into the score, but it is not visualized.
I’ve tried to check into the settings (either write or engrave) but I could not find the reason.

I’ve also created a completely new file and type a few bars as a test but no way.

Can anyone help me? I was able to use figured bass with the 3.5 version before.

Hi Bbb837 and welcome to the forum!

In the layout that you’re currently working in, which players are set to show figured bass? (In Setup>Layout Options>Players>Figured Bass)

If you haven’t added any notes, it’s possible that the figures are appearing as signposts rather than figures - are figured bass signposts shown/are all signposts shown?