Figured Bass Not pushed on by Insert [Player Scope]

Hey - using “follow input literally” I’ve been entering all of the figured bass for an organ part and it was going swimmingly. Trouble is, I switched to full score and they’ve gotten scrambled:

Should read
127: no figure
128: no figure
129: 6,5d=4
130: 3d=4
131: 7,s3d=4

Not only there but in the part:

Should read:
85-86: no figures
87: 3 73d=3
88:3 3
89: 3 7,s3

What have I done wrong?

Here’s the file:
Te Deum Laudamus.dorico (1020.5 KB)

Oh wait - I think I know what’s gone wrong. When I added the soprano line, I had to add repeat a section in the organ using write mode. I did this with the “player scope”. Does this not affect Figured bass then?

Going to take a while to unscramble this…

[Edit - renamed topic to reflect]

If the figured bass isn’t local, I suspect it would only get affected by the Global Insert mode scope - because like chord symbols, global figured bass is in-effect a system-attached item.

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Ah yes. I hadn’t thought about the idea that figures are treated like chords. How annoying!

For anyone that has come across this - the solution is unbelievably simple - I just Cut the bars that I had added, again using Player Scope - this lined the Figures up correctly (and with no errors). Then I pasted back in the two bars with the Global Scope, then switched to player scope and deleted the space on the other player (in this case Soprano) who was affected.

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