Figured bass: resolutions

How to achieve this? (e.g. the two resolutions appear in different rhythmic positions)


AFAIK, the only way is to use literal input and move down the 3 in engrave mode

Yes, I think you’ll have to have the 3 as a separate thing. There’s no way of moving an individual figure in a stack.

Thank you!

In the meantime I came up with a workaround: in music symbols I’ve changed the color of the figure “19” (which I never use anyway) to white and when I need a resolution in the second “row”, as in the above example I just need to type a 19,3 in the popover.

However it would be great to have this feature (e.g. “6->5r=1,4->3r=2” in the popover syntax) as resolutions very frequently do not appear at the same rhythmic position.

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This is such a common progression that it should not be necessary to have a workaround to fake it.


Yes, I totally agree. Maybe we’re missing something. But I haven’t find anything on this in the version history…

Following your suggestions, I also came across these specific situations—which all of them are real examples—where Dorico’s powerful logic is brought to limit.
These were all input using Figurato font and built-in lines.
Such improvements to dynamic resolution positions would solve practically every one of these cases.