Figured bass vertically misaligned


I opened a file from 2020 (don’t know which version of Dorico it had been created in) and the figured bass numbers are out of their normal place. Why is that and is there a way to fix it?

Bach-Schemelli_BWV 475 Jesus, unser Trost und Leben Kopie.dorico (1.1 MB)

When I opened your document and selected the figured bass, the status bar showed “Lyric”.

Check the settings in Library > Paragraph Styles > Lyrics (Translation).

I presume this was done using the Figurato font as Lyric text, rather than the later built-in Figure Bass function?

Unfortunately, when Lyrics shifted to Paragraph Styles, Dorico now take into effect the bounding box of the font. In Figurato, this is extremely high – as part of the ‘trick’ it uses to create the stacked figures from one line of text.

In short: you’ll need to re-enter the numerals as ‘real’ figured bass. Or use a version prior to 4 point …1 ? I think.

It’s always worthwhile keeping a PDF copy of every document, so that you can print a clean copy, in the rare event that something like this happens, or if you can’t open Dorico for some reason.

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Thanks Steven and Ben, yes now I remember having used the Figurato font for a while.
This explains it…
Yes I do have PDF versions of this, so no big issue. I will use the file for a down transposition for a singer.