Figuring out modifications to Harp playing techniques?

I’m writing a piece for harp and I’d like to use the près de la table playing technique but gradually (similar to doing ord - sul pont for strings over a few measures). However, the popover won’t let me edit it that way. How do I make it so that I can make that specific harp technique appear gradually on the score?

Playing techniques that have duration (ie span a set amount of rhythmic time) can show continuation lines: “transition” lines go between two grouped playing techniques, and “duration” lines extend after a single, ungrouped playing technique or the last playing technique in a group.

If your playing technique has duration but isn’t showing a line, check how you’ve set up its continuation lines in the Edit Playing Techniques dialog.

This sounds like something you would have to ramp up with a CC line, if your VST allows that sort of control over près de la table.


I’ve tried editing the playing technique to create a gradual effect in the edit playing techniques panel, but it won’t let me write it out properly. The playing technique is not one that usually has a continuation but i want to turn it into one that does so i could notate a gradual shift. How would I do that?


Thank you for sending the page for the playing technique continuation lines. I was able to figure it out thanks to the tutorial video.

(For anyone who sees this post later)
The solution is to use the popover panel with shift+p and writing out both the 2 different playing techniques with a → in between them. It cannot be done with the side panel.

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You could also achieve it after the fact by grouping together two playing techniques that already existed on the same staff.