file browser issue?

Right - I’m probably being a donk - but …

When saving a file from the new file browser (mac here) I’m no longer able to locate my dropbox folder as i was in 8.5 or any version before - there seems to be no system sidebar access as in the mac finder dialog that used to show up when the selecting the ‘where’ for file location. So I’m navigating to ‘users’ - I know where the Dropbox folder is (on a physical external hd) and if I try to save to this folder directly the dropbox icon does not seem to update and sync. I’ve been unable to find the system dropbox location within the new browser layout.

I’d like to be able to see the file hierarchy as via the usual finder view - if you see what I mean?



Try this

File > Global > Options tab
find and select
“Alternative External File Browser”

regards S-EH

Thank you - but seems ‘reveal in finder’ option is greyed out here. Hmmm.

To be more like 8.5, try this:

Brilliant. Thank you very much:)