File compatibility between between Elements and Pro

Are the file formats between Dorico Pro and Elements compatible? I am considerung using the Pro Version in my shack and the Elements Version when on the road e.g. at rehearsals on a lap top. If I open a score originally created in Pro on the Elements computer:

  • Would the objects not supported in Elements Display at all? If not correctly then at least in a meaningful way?

  • If I edit this score in Elements, store it and reopen it in Pro: Would the objects/properties which came from Pro “survive” this process ?

Yes, I am aware that I could install the Pro Version on the Laptop, but I am usually short on USB-Ports for the dongle :wink: .

Thank you for your help
Heinz …

Dear Heinz,
The answer to the first question is yes. Elements can read and display a full DP2 document. I don’t know about the second question.

The answer to the second question is also yes: opening a Dorico Pro project in Dorico Elements won’t disturb any of the items that are in the project that are not supported by Dorico Elements.