File error when opening AM


I’m getting this error when trying to open a previously perfectly working AM (opened a month ago), is there anything I can do to try to fix it?

What may be the cause of this?

WL Error


If you have the automatic montage backup option, you will find a recent version in the backup sub-folder, hopefully.

Thanks PG!
Will have a look at that!


Hi again!

When will WL make backup version of an AM?

Is it only the one I’m working on (active) or is it all AM’s available or opened in WL?

I.e. what if I have multiple AM’s in a FG but at the moment have:

  • one AM opened and active I’m working on
  • one previously opened, i.e. opened and plugins initiated etc, but currently not active
  • one not yet opened, i.e. plugins etc. not initiated

Which ones will generate backup copies?




Yes, I have enabled Backup option for AM’s (with 5 min intervals) but my question was regarding when the actual backups are created.

If I have 10 AM’s “opened” in WL but I am currently only working on one of these, will then WL still create backups every 5 min for all AM’s or only the one I am currently working on.

The reason for the question is that if WL creates bacups of opened AM’s I’m not working on it kind of creates “unnecessary” backups, so a better option then is to close the AM’s I’m currently not working on.


It depends on what you call “open”.
When you launch WaveLab, only the tabs that have been clicked at least once, are associated with an “opened file”. Opened files are backup whether they are in view or not. But only if they have been viewed at least once.

Thanks PG!

Sounds logical and is good to know.