File Group is 1 deletion is not possible?

Question, When I start WL, it defaults to File Group 1. and this can also be seen in the PROJECTMANAGER. Can you also start WL without a File Group (1) because deletion is not possible? so everything I create goes into a file group. But when I look at JP’s videos there is no File Group 1 as default… thanks in advance for the response

There is always at least one file group, but @Justin_Perkins prefers to hide it:

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Yes. I really don’t use the File Group feature so I have the File Group Tab hidden which allows for a smaller amount of extra space for other things.

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Fun!!! i had already looked in template, created Filegroups and tried to delete the first one… digging through the manual on Filegroups… and the strange thing is I can’t let it go if it doesn’t work out … nothing compulsive but I want it f i x e d . :wink:
really…T h a n k y o u