File Handling: Setting Anchors

Hey PG,

loading and saving files to different locations is really a drag.
At the moment I have to promt to the location where I want to load the file from, the the folder where I want to save it to, same with the “save selection” (Strg+E) or Rendring process.

I have organized my files in a way where I have my RAW / Processed-Files and I am saving to predefined locations over and over. The point is find my self clicking and prompting to different locations which are really A LOT of unneccessary clicks. :confused:

I`d really like to have the option to set “Anchors” for Load/Save/Render.
Or a little menu where I can define that kind of stuff.

Thanx for listening.


I usually load my files from the file browser (workspace specific tools), I even have assigned a shortcut to open/close the file browser immediately.
On the left side I have placed the folders I often use. One click on these folders and they are open, all files in the folder are displayed on the right. Now the files can be loaded either by drag and drop or by double click and you can even prelisten if you want. After loading a second click on the file browser shortcut closes the file browser again and I have more space for working.

Also, for saving I find WL7 faster than any previous version. For saving to locations previously used I find the dropdown menu with previous saving locations very helpful. Remember that you can change the name of the location in the dialog, new folders are automatically created if you type a new name.
I needed a bit to get used to the new way of saving options but find them faster then before now.


As Lutz mentions, there are various options to speed up things. Myself doing a lot of tests, there is normally everything you need to access quickly to your desired locations, with a minimum of clicks.
If you can imagine better ways, I am open. What do you mean with “Anchors” ?

I liked the old XP program “Folderguide”. Had assigned all my folders there for all apps (Nuendo, Wlab, grafic progs and so on). TWO clicks and I was in the right folder … This prog dosn’t run under Win7, so now, I have my “click orgy” back :frowning:
Anyone knows such prog for Win7?

When choosing a folder Id like to see a small button "define as anchor" In HTML setting an achor makes the browser (Wavelab) immediately jump to that position on the screen (Folder). Like this you can define a location or folder youll be using “on the fly”.
I hope that made it clearer.


Are you aware that you can define a preset path by dragging a folder from the right panel, and dropping it in the left panel: