File management / tutorials

Hi community :wave:

Dorico for iPad is my first venture into dedicating scoring software and I’m really enjoying using it. Thanks to the team.

I have two comments / questions;

  1. Is there a way to use the Files app to manage saved files? I’d like to be able to just work from a single Dorico document across iPad and my newly installed copy of SE without saving multiple versions.

  2. Just a suggestion - perhaps the landing page could direct users to the YouTube series on Dorico SE until there are more dedicated “Learn” tutorials on iPad? It took a little bit of Googling for me to get orientated (which is normal) but it might help other newbies (ie folks who’ve not used the desktop version before).

I think you’ll find this recent thread interesting:

Thanks for the suggestion about perhaps using the Dorico SE tutorials as a stop-gap for the iPad version. We’ll have a think about that!

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